The AICA IWG in collaboration with NATO NCIA will organise the 1st NCIA – AICA IWG Virtual Technical Workshop on 30/11 and 1/12 2020.

The agenda is as follows:

DAY 1 – Nov30th.     1600 to 1800 CET / 10 AM to 12 PM ET

16.00-16.10 Welcome address, presentation of the AICA IWG, the collaboration with NCIA

16.10-16.20 The AICA technology and overview of its research challenges

16.20-16.50 Challenge session: AICA Agents’ reference architecture

16.50-17.20 Challenge session: AICA Agents’ testability and at-scale simulation

17.20-17.50 Challenge session: Implementation and integration into host systems

17.50-18.00 Q&A

DAY 2 – Dec 1st.          1600 to 1800 CET / 10 AM to 12 PM ET

16.00-16.30 Challenge session: Decision-making within AICA Agents

16.30-17.00 Challenge session: AICA Agents’ stealth and resilience capabilities

17.00-17.30 Challenge session: Societal aspects – Doctrines & Legislation

17.30-17.45 Q&A

17.45-18.00 Wrapping it all up: Current state of the art and roadmap to the future


  • Technology sovereignty issues for AICA technologies
  • The current state of the art for AICAs
  • Strengthening European and North American research & technology in this field
  • Collaboration opportunities via the IWG

Challenge sessions’ format

Each of the six challenge sessions above will invite two 15-minute communications, either a presentation OR a demonstration.

Each presentation will include 1 title PPT slide mentioning your name, affiliation, challenge session, topic title and contact email, and 5 PPT slides addressing each of the following questions:

  1. What’s the problem to solve in this research area?
  2. How is it done today, and what are the gaps / limits of current solutions/research?
  3. What new approach should be adopted, and under which conditions could it be successful?
  4. What risks or uncertainties might this approach create?
  5. How shall we measure success and what’s the roadmap to success?

Each demonstration will

  • Present a prototype or example of a technology that may contribute the research challenge of the session
  • Last a maximum of 15 minutes, and present your technology with the following outline:
    • Introduction: Problem your technology seeks to solve in this research area and how
    • Demonstration: Short demonstration illustrating a significant use case
    • Discussion: Current gaps / limits of your solutions/research; new approaches, risks and uncertainties; roadmap towards usable results/functionality

Presentations submission

  • Please submit presentations’ full slide deck to before 26st November 2020 EOB.
  • Acceptance will be notified on 27th November 2020, including the assigned timeslot.
  • Please note that submissions imply the author(s) availability to present in the workshop.

Demonstrations submission

  • Please send a summary indicating your name, affiliation, challenge session and technology, contact email, and your full slide deck (5 slides) corresponding to the six topics proposed (For demonstration, you should explicit the use case you will illustrate and your technology’s contribution)