Lashon Booker and Scott Musman – the MITRE Corporation
A Model-Based, Decision-Theoretic Approach to Automating Cyber Response

Bryan Fruchart and Benoit Le Blanc – Bordeaux INP
Dual-Process consideration for decision making and multi-agent architecture of AICA

Ashutosh Dutta – University of North Carolina
Ehab Al-Shaer – Carnegie Mellon University
Samrat Chatterjee – Pacific Northwest National Lab
Constraints Satisfiability Driven Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Cyber Defense

Adrien Metge, Nicolas Maille – ONERA
Benoît Le Blanc – Bordeaux INP
Operators and autonomous intelligent agents: human individual characteristics shape the team’s efficiency

Ankur Chowdhary, Dijiang Huang, Abdulhakim Sabur,
Neha Vadnere – Arizona State University
Myong Kang and Bruce Montrose – US Naval Research Lab
SDN-based Moving Target Defense using Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning

Models for Detection and Defense
Robert Thomson – United States Military Academy
Drew Cranford and Christian Lebiere – Carnegie Mellon University
Achieving Active Cybersecurity through Agent-Based Cognitive Models for Detection and Defense